We Are Building Decentralized Finance For Cross-Border Transactions

FYFY Token works in the Solana blockchain. Primarily, it acts as a governance token. Thus, holders of the token can influence the decisions of the future development of the ecosystem. In addition, the staking mechanism is used to distribute interest on the transaction fees. Staking of cryptocurrency assets maintains the decentralized blockchain and provides interest for the transaction validation process. Moreover, FYFY Tokens may decrease the transaction costs of peer-to-peer (P2P) payments inside the ecosystem. Nevertheless, FYFY Token may grant access to additional products or services of the ecosystem. FYFY Token strives to solve current issues in blockchain technology, such as micro-transaction problems, high transaction fees, and issues in digital currency transfer.

FYFY Token Overview

Token Name: FYFY Token
Token Price:0,59 €
Initial Circulation Supply:26,200,000
Initial Market Cap:59,000,000m€
Max Supply:100,000,000
Estimated Listing:Q2 2022
Token Utility: Reward, Payment, Fees, Governance, Staking
Smart Contract:

Token Distiribution

Max supply of Fyfy Tokens is 100,000,000. Figure 1 describes the token allocation based on the max supply. Figure 2 illustrates how the tokens are distributed as a function of time.

Team25 %
Funding26,2 %
Treasure Escrow40,8 %
Liquidity Pool8 %